venerdì 20 febbraio 2009

Taking Notes: The Way I Do iT!

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Taking Notes: The Way I Do iT! Hello to everyone, today I would like to explain how do I take my notes… It usually doesn’t seems so but, taking notes is the most important part of a student’s life. Writing good notes means that you are truly understanding the lesson and that you already have understood the precedent ones!
The first thing I want to tell you is: don’t take any notes if you are not understanding what the teacher is talking about! Yes, it really is useless and also counterproductive because if you are not understanding the meaning of the lesson then your notes will be confused too and you will just waste your time… If this is the case, lay aside your pen and focus on the illustrated concepts. Once obtained a general idea, take back your pen and write down as fast as you can a graph or a pointed list with the main objects of the lesson to review by yourself later. For example:
  • Integrals
    • I° Theorem
      • Demonstration
    • II° Theorem
      • Demonstration
    • Examples
  • Derivatives
    • Introduction
    • Examples
It’s important to review the same day what you didn’t understand, because if not, first of all you won’t be able to comprehend the following lessons and you will also have a bigger work-load later!

Anyway, when the class ends up, you should take your draft-notes and reviews them at home… It means, take a look at the subject’s book and compare with your notes, check if everything is ok and then write them again. Why? Because when taking your first notes you will be missing something for sure, so you have to verify if you have missed something important or not, also a draft is usually messed up and it will be hard to read after some weeks. You badly need to arrange your notes!

How do I arrange my notes?
Well, I use to be as much ordered as I can, I highlight important things with square or oval box, I always try to write with a better calligraphy and I also use markers and colours when needed. It’s not a hard work, but it surely require time… One year ago I had a Tablet PC and everything was faster, easier and the results were impressive but it was really uncomfortable and I gave it away.

Hope this helps you… Next time: “University Tips&Tricks”!

giovedì 19 febbraio 2009

Job Opportunity:

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About Us:

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10072007413 Welcome to iSayTech! a technology blog created by Alessio Sacchetta Cali, a young Italian student of Electronic Engineering in Rome… I’ve created this blog because I wanted to improve my English and also because I’m a computer nerd! Enjoy your visit, I hope to be useful to someone of my readers :)
Actually I’m searching for authors to help me working on the blog… Please refer to Job Opportunity to learn more about. I’m going to create others ‘iSay’ blogs like “iSayEngineering!” and “iSayMotors!”… For the first one I was thinking about publishing all my notes about the subjects I’m currently studying at the University while for the second one I will fill the blog with a lot of Service Manuals useful to repair your car or motorbike!  
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